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Letter: Lifesavers

I owe many, many thanks. These thank yous aren’t near enough to repay what has been given back to me. However, for me to let this pass without acknowledging the actions and simple human decency shown to me by friends and strangers alike would not let my conscience sleep.

To protect the privacy of those involved, I shall only use first name initials. You all know who you are.

While recently limbing trees with a co-worker, “H,” I was stung multiple times by bald-faced hornets. Almost immediately I knew something was wrong. I have been stung or bit by several species more than a few times in my life and never had more than normal swelling.

This time was different. My body’s reaction was to throw itself into severe anaphylactic shock. This wasn’t enough on a stifling summer day, though. It then decided to have a seizure and stop my heart for good measure. Recognizing the signs of said seizure, “H” immediately called 911. Thank you, my friend. I am forever indebted.

Next, thank you “R” and the rest of the paramedics and Glenwood Springs Fire Department. If not for your swift response, professionalism, resuscitating me and delivering me safely to Valley View Emergency Department. I hate to think what would be.

Dr. “B,” her assistant ”A” and the rest of the emergency team, thank you for the succinct diagnoses and treatment you all administered.

Thank you, Supervisor “A” for contacting girlfriend “G,” who in turn made arrangements with parents “D” and “K” to pick up prescribed meds and return me safely home. Thank you.

Lastly, thank you to all co-workers and well wishers. It is reassuring to have so many people in my life as warm and caring as you all are. I am gratefully humbled.

Kevin Clarke

New Castle


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