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Letter: ‘Lights for Liberty’

I am grateful to the organizers of the rally and vigil in Sayre Park and our community’s outpouring of support for the legal, civil and human rights of our undocumented neighbors.

Truly this was/is America at its best. Far from blindly supporting illegal entry, this rally was all about demanding that our government, through ICE and CPB, stop their campaign of terror and intimidation to hound all undocumented residents out of the country.

Fifty-two years ago my family and I  found a new home, the USA, and prospered, thanks to this great country’s proud and long tradition of welcoming immigrants and offering a challenge to everyone to realize their American Dream.

I am not advocating open borders, but I appeal to return to the spirit of President Lincoln’s words of “malice to none and with charity to all,” and to respect and honor the human, civil and family rights of all immigrants, full stop.

Gerry VanderBeek

Glenwood Springs

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