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Letter: Lights on Grand are problem

During the first week of the detour, coming into Glenwood after 5:30 a.m. was difficult with long lines on I-70 and a 30- to 45-minute delay getting to the exit. This in turn created many safety issues of people trying to run up and cut the line, not getting let in. This no longer happens, which to me, is a good indicator that we commuters have done our part. We’ve changed our schedules like we were asked.

Since the beginning of the detour, if you go north through Glenwood after 12:30 to 1 p.m., you are going to have at least a 45-minute crawl to get to the Eighth Street corner. When you turn the corner, traffic moves at an acceptable (IMO) detour speed of between 15 and 45 mph. It is painfully obvious that the traffic lights on Grand are the problem.

If Glenwood wants to put in a detour, instead of gridlock creating safety issues (U-turns on 82), the city needs to take a look at the lights and side-street access. Close 27th street just past the RFTA driveway and close 24th Street. Close Blake going north at 23rd. Close down light-controlled side streets on Grand north of 23rd (Alpine Bank) during the day except for a couple. Make all local traffic enter, leave or cross Grand at those intersections, and set the timing accordingly. Make all business and non-controlled entrances to Grand right turn only. Options for improvement do exist.

Is Glenwood going to do its part to help us commuters? For some of us, the buses are not an option. The detour itself is not what is creating these soul-killing delays, the traffic lights within the detour, on Grand specifically, are the issue.

The bridge will have one lane each direction when it opens. This is not a 94-day problem. What’s the plan on Nov. 20? Two lanes north to Eighth and pinch it there? How will that work? This will not be resolved when that bridge opens in November.

Brad Gates

New Castle

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