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Letter: Like that’s gonna work

I live in an area that is infested with highly volatile cheat grass, and there could have been serious damages to property and lives if the fireworks had ignited the cheat grass and other fuels in the area.

Do the clowns on the Board of County Commissioners seriously think that individuals who purchase fireworks are not going to use them, especially when they are being sold to people in an area that is increasingly being populated by libertarian anarchists who are against rules or laws of any kind.

The commissioners could at least require that fireworks dealers be required to obtain the names, addresses, and contact information for everyone they sell their fireworks to so that they can be identified in cases of fireworks violations.

I certainly hope that in the upcoming elections the voters will seriously consider the actions of the present county commissioners in allowing the sale of fireworks during a red flag fire season and decide that it is time to start replacing all members of this dysfunctional and mindless board.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

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