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Letter: Listen to student concerns

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, several students at Glenwood Springs High school walked out of class to perform a protest advocating for stricter gun laws and in support of the Florida shooting victims. We participated in this walkout and were overwhelmed with pride as we saw our fellow classmates showing support for something that is important to all of us.

Those of us who chose to walkout were truly united in voicing our intolerance for loose gun regulations and the seemingly unmotivated government officials that seem to accept that student lives may be in danger every day at schools. We should not have to live with fear of shootings like the one in Florida.

On April 20, it will be 19 years since the tragedy of Columbine. As young adults and students, we are astonished that virtually nothing has been done to tighten gun laws. Instead, they have become looser, and it has become easier for people with mental illness to acquire these guns. This is one of the first changes Trump made as president.

As we all stood outside of our school, several people drove by, honked their horns and gave us encouragement. However, there were several adults who drove by and gave us thumbs down and other discouraging hand signals. They may have written us off as just lazy teenagers who wanted to skip class, but that is not at all the case. Students who are as young as 14 are worried about the future of our country and are tired of fearing the possibility of losing their lives while going to class. We are exercising our rights and becoming politically aware.

So, to those adults who tried to discourage us, we ask, why? Since Columbine, at least 147 students have been killed in school shootings. This number is terrifying. Many of these shootings were carried out with semi-automatic weapons. People should not be able to simply acquire this type of weapon so easily. You don’t have to agree with gun bans or recalls, but we don’t understand how you can turn the other cheek. “Thoughts and Prayers” will no longer suffice.

Hannah Worline and Isabelle Lorah

Glenwood Springs

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