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Letter: Listen to who it impacts

This letter is in response to the release of the Pitkin County Open Space & Trails survey summary.

Another of the many flaws with the Pitkin County OST survey was the inclusion of residents outside of Pitkin County that totaled over 60 percent of the respondents. I fail to understand why they get a say in how Pitkin County residents’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

Come on Pitkin County OST. You need to revise your survey to include a no trail option and only allow Pitkin County residents to respond by submitting their address. This was a rushed process that ignored the Crystal River Caucus.

As many other Crystal Valley letter writers have stated, there are many more urgent financial demands such as affordable housing and health insurance. This trail is a luxury, not a necessity.

I know that there are specific requirements for money that flows into OST to be spent on OST. Surely something can be worked out to legally move that money to another fund to be spent more wisely.

Please listen to the Crystal River Valley residents since it impacts us the most.

Melissa Waters

Crystal River Valley

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