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Letter: Little really divides us

Post electorate, how do we now heal the wound?

It is simple. Understand that it is a phantom. There is actually no red/blue divide to heal.

This red state/blue state survivor is 100 percent a media creation. They need to create tension for the entertainment they air in lieu of real news. They need to play “reality” news because the media has been too cheap and lazy to make the real news compelling and so we’ve gotten a president-elect (who’s schooled in this) who used it to his full advantage.

He knows that the government isn’t the problem; it’s the corporations needing to keep ratings high in an environment wherein the unwashed masses are no longer the unwashed but those sitting in Ray Bradbury’s parlors. “Fahrenheit 451” isn’t about book burning, as erroneously reported, but the apathy that makes this possible. So in short there is actually little divide among us when we are not compelled to keep up on the Joneses being entertained. There is real fear and anger between apathy and well being, in giving up our addictions to the red or blue pill so all won’t be easy.

It’s not totally corporate America’s fault. The problem remains an antiquated law (from the Great Depression) that ties corporations to a fiduciary duty to shareholder above all else. Causing short-term fixes (designed to make the books look viable) rather than long-term solutions that shall really keep a fast declining America great. Short-term profits trumping long term solvency.

It is time this law is modified to make employees’ well being top priority. Shareholders are doing quite well. So fix the actual mechanism that has and can make this the greatest of nations last longer than a mere 250 years, i.e., the middle class. For this is the real internal organ severed we’re presently allowing to bleed us out. This is what Marx was actually talking about when he said the capitalist would create the ground for revolution. Not the pseudo-communism created by Lenin and European bankers, to circumvent the shortcomings of capitalism that greed refuses to address.

Eric Olander
Glenwood Springs

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