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Letter: Living with Elephant Express

We love our post office, its people and its location. We worry about the USPS’s future because of its inability to keep up with other delivery services, but we continue with our support and swallow the second class stuffings because it is part of our community.

Mr. Epperson, PI 9/29/16, USPS district manager, is striking out at us for pointing out that the Pony Express has turned into the Elephant Express. He is talking down to us that they no longer need the modern, efficient West Glen bulk facility, and the big bags of mail just move elsewhere.

The two or three little trucks a day have turned into six to eight box trucks, many of them 18-wheel semis, day and night, 24/7. These contract drivers pay no heed to laws, lights, oncoming cars, noise and children. They knock over streetlights, crash over curbs and sidewalks, and ignore school crosswalks. The Wild West or maybe the jungle? Our little streets weren’t designed for a major freight facility.

Mr. Epperson berates Mr. Gish for living across from the loading docks. The houses were there long before the post office. All was decent and quiet. Then a bureaucrat in Washington decides to save hundreds by spending millions and closes modern facilities transferring the load to small towns and to hell with peripheral damages. So the city changes the zoning of the 800 block of Pitkin because owners see the doom of residential use. The USPS has become the bad neighbor, not the people of Glenwood Springs.

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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