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Letter: Lofts at Red Mountain not affordable

What is the deal with the Lofts at Red Mountain? Does Glenwood Springs not have a policy requirement with new housing developments to include a certain percentage of affordable housing units, whether for rent or for purchase? It seems from a Post Independent article on Nov. 16, 2017 that a policy that existed was voted down because it wasn’t working how it was supposed to, but what has replaced it? It appears nothing.

We now have the Loft development: a new housing development from an Illinois-based company/investors that has no affordable housing units. In my opinion, less luxury and more affordable would have been more appropriate to meet the housing needs in Glenwood Springs. Luxury rental units ranging in the base price (before any add-ons or utilities) from $1,500 for a 555 square foot junior one bedroom (essentially not a studio because there is a door to the bedroom), to $2,400 or more for a 1,072 square foot two bedroom, does not seem accessible to the general population. Clearly it seems there’s a need for more policy on housing development in Glenwood Springs that includes decent, reasonable and affordable housing — both rentals and for sale. Will the Lofts at Red Mountain be successful? What if nobody rented from them? Is this what we want the future of Glenwood Springs to be?

Alana Monge Hanks

Glenwood Springs

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