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Letter: Long conflicts

I recently heard of an evaluation of America’s Team owner that accurately portrays our efforts against the Axis of Evil and the present focus of such misguided hubris. The phrase is: Big hat no cattle.

To understand where “Rocket Boy” is coming from, we must look to the whole histories of involvement with these nations, because all three are failed attempts at regime change. All are ongoing losses on this account. We claim Afghanistan is our longest running war, but the Korean war is still ongoing as a stalemate because we will not let loose of the fact no regime change was engineered, and while refusing to be responsible toward the ethics of democracy, assist the impoverished nation out of poverty, the vacuum instead amassed the world’s fourth-largest military and acquired the means to manufacture nuclear weapons. Because under that dusty white hat we refuse to see no cattle. So its communist/banker ally owns most of our debt as well.

The other conflicts with this triad are just as long if we soberly consider the facts we covertly overthrew the legitimate governments in both Iraq and Iran when they threatened to nationalize the oil and gas reserves to keep the profits in their own nation rather than into the pocket of multinationals. If Trump is truly America first he needs to first stop using the U.S. military as the security force of multinational oil interests. Such as the government of Saudi Arabia, whose nationals bombed the World Trade Center. But of course we are stuck with that regime the British propped up to ensure division and thus keep conquered by infighting.

The borders they bequeathed the Middle East guaranteed this strategy that mature empires have employed long before all roads led to Rome. Something this silver spoon toddler (the American hegemony) empire doesn’t quite understand so remains in intractable conflicts wherein we’ve squandered all power gained and became a rapidly declining empire. An outcome the old money of experience most likely financed, considering we think China started with Communism and Russia never was an imperial power.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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