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Letter: Love Constitution, or leave it

So, some people feel the Second Amendment is outdated? Why stop there? The First Amendment is very divisive and being used to keep us fighting each other.

People can say anything and be protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. How about the Fourth? Illegal search and seizure? Law-abiding gun owners will not voluntarily give up their property freely.

Maybe we should just throw the whole Constitution away and start anew? Go back to when we rebelled because of overbearing kings and over taxation. Start from scratch. Throw 200 years of advancement and work and blood away.

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest tactics of war. United we stand, divided we fall.

If the people of these United States don’t start pulling together, the kings of this country will continue to work us like the peasants we have let ourselves become. The Constitution is what this country and the founding fathers fought for. It is a grand statement compared to what the rest of the world has. Love it or leave it!

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

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