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Letter: Low for Democrats

Is there no conscience or dignity within the Democratic Party, even here in remote Garfield County? Evidently not, when I open the PI and see the headlines threatening John Martin, a past Glenwood police officer and twenty year county commissioner with either resign immediately, remove your name from the ballot and — this is priceless — assure there will not be a candidate vacancy committee formed or face an indictment on charges including misuse of county money for expenses unrelated to county business. Otherwise get out of town, don’t look back and let your Democratic opponent walk in and take the position you have held for 20 years with no opposition.

Seems to me like Acha and his henchman have become the judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one hoping to take the right to vote out of the hands of the Garfield County residents.

This is typical conduct by the Democrats throughout this election. If you can’t beat your opponent on votes, destroy them through false accusations and by any other means available regardless of what it does to their character or their reputation.

John has held this job for a long time and has served this county to the best of his ability at all times. Yes, he has done things that we may not agree with when it comes to county business and the decisions made by him and his fellow commissioners, but never has his honesty or his integrity been questioned.

I for one plan to stand up and support John in any way possible, and that includes writing letters and defending him against this ridiculous and appalling attack by Acha and his henchman. Do the people of Garfield County want someone like Acha representing us? We have all disagree with a decision John has made in the past but he has always explained his reason and tried to do the right thing for his constituents.

John has always been there for us, now we need to be there for him.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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