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Letter: Mail-in defective RFTA stored value card

In response to Pam MacMillan’s letter (Questions for RFTA, March 18, Post Independent): You do not have to ride to Rubey Park to replace your defective stored value card. You can do it by mail. RFTA operates Ride Glenwood as a contractor for the City of Glenwood. As such, all decisions on schedules, stops, hours of operation, etc. are made by the city. The city of Aspen and the town of Snowmass pay for that free zone between their jurisdictions. That does not come out of the general fund. As for the fares, RFTA covers about 20 percent of expenses through fare collection, and that is above the industry average in the U.S. I hope this has been helpful.

Jeff Flood,

RFTA employee since 1992

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