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Letter: Make ‘those city people’ beg for our resources

My friends are urging me to sign a petition to Impeach Gov. Jared Polis. I understand their ire about recent actions by the governor and the Legislature. But, I see it as an exercise in futility that makes a signer feel good but will not lead to any meaningful result considering the democratic majority in the Legislature. I would rather start a petition to have Western Colorado secede from the state. Yes, I know, it too will be a futile gesture, but it appeals to me because it makes sense.
When our forefathers drew the state lines they really messed up, especially for Colorado and Utah. The mountains divide both states from their capitals and the liberal voters that determine their fate.
Western Colorado and Eastern Utah contain the water and energy resources required by the cities on the other side of the Rockies and the Wasatch. Secession would allow us to join similarly maligned Utahans in a new state that would require “those city people” to beg for our resources. What would we name the new state?
Glenn Vawter,
Glenwood Springs

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