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Letter: Managing stress

The stress problems within the world for many people come from an overwhelming plate filled with money issues, education and the simplicity of pursuing happiness.
While I do agree with the effects stress can have on a person in the March 13 column “Doctor’s Tip: How mindfulness meditation can improve health” by Dr. Greg Feinsinger, I believe that it is best for every stress-evoked citizen to take a big step in between the balance of work and fun.

As a 16-year-old student and athlete who is incredibly motivated in every challenge I am faced, I tend to focus more on homework and athletics than maintaining a balance, and doing things for my enjoyment. My stress levels are increasingly high, which, as Feinsinger had said, has a very negative affect on my health and happiness. When I take a break from what is creating the stress, and pursue a passion or fun activity, I find myself much more happy and less stressed.

Feinsinger’s stress reliever, meditation, may be very beneficial to the spiritual mind, but in reality does not benefit a person in the long run. People manage their stress in different ways, and I believe that the best way is to take increments of productivity. To ensure maintaining that balance, people can do a needed task for an hour and then go do something to fulfill enjoyment.

This balance is incredibly important as if your actions lean to one side more than the other, you are either overwhelming yourself, or not getting enough of your work done.
With taking these actions you are able to fly through life with less stress, and overall more happiness.

Claudia Hirons

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