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Letter: Many problems

The Aspen Times and Post Independent are following the likes of the New York Times. I have issues with three items in the June 28 paper.

First of all the image of the U.S. began to sink a long time back and was made even darker under Barack Obama. Just because two European countries, Germany and France have bought into the new world order does not mean that all countries are now dismissing America.

The print news is following the likes of CNN with a lot of twist and spin.

Then, with the article on health care you use a photo of Mitch McConnell to bash all Republicans. Well, Mr. McConnell is a RINO and sides with liberals in seeking to retain Obamacare with only a tiny tweak when it should be totally scrapped for something new. Premiums went sky high for many under Obamacare.

And who is paying for Medicaid? It is not the grove of money trees growing in D.C. It is off the backs of those just above the poverty line who are stuck with Medicare, which is nearly useless. I lost Social Security money under Obamacare and have not had a decent COLA in quite some time.

Another article implies “doom and gloom” if we close doors on immigration from certain countries on a temporary basis. The witch hunt going on against Trump is right out of the Communist Manifesto — divide and conquer, squash Christianity, promote depravity and put us all under one world government run by a ruthless and elite cadre.

Our Congress is now under the thumb of the New World Order, leaving a handful of any elected officials blessed with common sense. Take a lesson from One America News and print news, not political bias.

Carol Abbott

Battlement Mesa

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