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Letter: Matters of loyalty

Regarding Stan Rachesky’s most recent letter regarding party loyalty and the president: Mr. Rachesky, nobody, regardless of party affiliation, has an obligation to support the president of the United States based on party affiliation. Period.

Our representatives, particularly on the national level, have a duty to the nation and their constituents, not the president. That is a separation of powers.

The president lost the popular vote, has extremely low approval ratings and his temperament is rated by a majority of Americans as unsuitable to the office of the presidency; this gives comedians and others much to parody and indeed use as material in their artistic endeavors. Yes, sometimes it goes too far; that being said, once upon a time there was a used, bullet-riddled propane tank sitting in the discarded propane tank pile at the Carbondale co-op. The thing is the propane tank had a picture of then-President Obama drawn on it.

People take out their displeasure with the presidency in many ways, many times in poor taste. However, anybody that runs for the presidency should understand that the office comes with these people and their views. The president of The United States needs to have a very thick skin, yet Donald Trump’s ego seems to be as fragile as a soap bubble.

Based on the character of the man sitting in the Oval Office, it comes as a relief to me that our representatives have better things to do than defend him against his foes.

Mr. Rachesky, there are hundreds of positions unfilled in the judiciary and State Department because people simply don’t want to work for this presidency. The president has not kept his promise regarding health care and continues to make ridiculous commentary via tweets, which have become both a distraction to his office and to the nation. Mr. Rachesky, a blind loyalty to the presidency based on party affiliation does no good for country or man.

Marco Diaz


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