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Letter: Maybe Lincoln is right

Eric McCafferty, you make a good point, in your Sept. 14 letter to the editor, however I think it is the Book of Mark 3:25, rather than Lincoln’s version of the “house divided not standing” we must concern ourselves with at this juncture in our history. In Lincoln’s speech he said we can go on as half free and half slave, but Mark follows with: if Satan is divided against himself he cannot stand.

As a nation we are at a crossroads where we must evaluate our true worth and no longer rely on the hubris of somehow being chosen and exceptional. We must face the true crimes against humanity we’ve been systematically committing since before we sent smallpox laced blankets to the Native Americans. Because our divisions are deep in this matter where the “Great Satan” is crumbling, those useful idiots are simply window dressing the surface tension as if it be the sewage beneath.

The citizenry of this becoming nation, this nation that may become great in action as well as advertisement, if we do what Cain did not, and make our offering right.

You see Cain’s lack of correction is the actual original sin. The actions of humans in the world — the Garden story simply a coming of age story misinterpreted to enslave those who wouldn’t condone murdering his brother rather than doing well. Take responsibility for the Empire we are, and the egregious acts against humanity we’ve committed to get here.

When Secretary of State John Bolton threatens the Rule of Law; the International Court with sanctions is not only the more of the same blooding the ground on which we stand but showing the rest of the world how weak we are, how ripe for regime change, a coup, despite possessing the world’s most technically advanced armed forced. For sanctions are a weapon of war. But when they’re used in this manner (threatening justice itself) it shows this arsenal has also been successfully weakened to be of little effect.

Then again maybe Lincoln is right? We’ll muddle along brilliant and enslaved in our self-willed ignorance. Till civil becomes our inhumanity.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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