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Letter: McCrory for DA

I attended the AYPA Youth Voter Turnout Event at The Limelight last week. It was a first-class event and opportunity for the public to hear several local candidates speak to the referendums and pitch their platforms.

Two of the three candidates running for district attorney, Chip McCrory and Sherry Caloia, spoke. Sadly, Sherry felt the need to say that Chip, 19 years in solo practice in criminal law, is a “lone wolf,” suggesting he doesn’t know how to be a team player.

Funny, she didn’t mention his 16 years in the DA’s office prior to that. And, I might point out, he’s in his 56th season of playing ice hockey, was a rugby player for 18 years, spent 12 years coaching Aspen Youth Hockey and seven as a Mother Pucker coach. He led the Bantams to three state championship titles and took a rag-tag Mother Pucker team from last place to winning state the next season.

Sherry, I would beg to differ: Chip McCrory is all about the team.

I’m a former Aspen Mother Pucker and proud supporter of Chip 4 D.A.

Rachel Dayton


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