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Letter: McCrory is choice

As a (recently retired) criminal defense attorney of 38 years, practicing in both federal and state courts in three states, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the very best and the very worst of prosecutors.

The criminal justice system is an extremely complex one best served only when the needs of the victim(s), the defendant, the community as a whole, and the sentencing results a judge must ultimately impose, are thoughtfully considered. A scorch-and-burn approach to the prosecution of a criminal case does not result in justice. There is no scorecard.

Accomplishing the goals of justice can only be achieved by a prosecutor who diligently considers all aspects of a criminal case. How does this occur? The prosecutor must have an excellent and respectful working relationship with law enforcement. The needs and wishes of the victim(s) must be carefully considered with thought and compassion. A prosecutor must have the ability to listen with an open mind to both law enforcement and the victim(s). The goal is to achieve a just result.

Prejudging cases and not being accessible to the parties involved cannot lead to a fair result. The defendant, and his or her role in an alleged offense, must also be closely scrutinized. Is the defendant a repeat offender or was the alleged crime situational? At a time when the cost to tax payers not only for trial but also for incarceration is astronomical, should a responsible prosecutor weigh those factors into the resolution of the case?

Chip McCrory has been on both sides of the criminal justice system — as a prosecutor for 16 years and now 19 years in practice as a criminal defense attorney. He is a listener. He is thoughtful about his work. He is respected in the legal community because he consistently resolves cases in a responsible way.

I commend him to the community without reservation or qualification because I am confident he can do the job well. Please give him your vote. He will not disappoint our community.

Colleen Scissors

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