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Letter: McLean for GarCo clerk nomination

I am writing in support of Bonnie McLean running for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. I am concerned about recent problems and embezzlement in the Clerk’s Office. As a result, I think we need a person who is up to date on technology, and understands the challenges presented by the new workers of today.

Bonnie is such a person. She worked her way through college to obtain an engineering degree from Regis, and a law degree from DU. Later on, she got a master’s degree in administration just to be sure she was keeping up with the new processes.

The job of clerk has become much more complex in the computer age. We need to make sure that we elect someone qualified and experienced. Bonnie also has more than 18 years of experience in administration and management.

As long as I have known her she has always been more than willing to help anyone. I know she is honest, hard-working, compassionate and a good leader.

Nalini Rao


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