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Letter: Media and Charlottesville

The whole Charlottesville media tempest in a teapot leaves me shaking my head in disbelief. A couple of  hundred nut jobs with self-esteem issues warrant 24/7 media coverage why? Because sensationalizing a tiny fringe element sells ads. Media makes money selling peeks at the roadside political carnage.

All the attention the left and the media (one and the same?) have delivered has only served to legitimize these nut groups and give them more opportunity to recruit more nut cakes. The way to deal with these inconsequential fringe groups is to ignore them. These aberrations of humanity do not deserve one minute of our time or consideration. I shun them and will not lower myself to deal with them in any manner.

However, no matter how vile the speech, the protection of that speech right is of vital import to us all. In that sense, the leftist counterprotesters were also at fault for trying to violently suppress the speech of the hate groups.

I also have a problem with the media lumping many diverse groups together and defining them all as racist. I consider myself to be a patriotic nationalist and I am white. The media equate white nationalists with racism. To me, being a nationalist means taking care of my fellow citizens first and foremost all of the time, no matter their race or color. I do not hate anyone.

Maybe the liberal media disparages nationalism to further their mantra of globalization.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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