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Letter: America is full up

We find it a little hard to believe that all of those people in this caravan/invasion are the helpless, less fortunate, homeless people, can’t fend for themselves people from Honduras. 

They don’t like their country’s leader but don’t want to overthrow anyone as they won’t need to. Can’t seem to find the fortitude to take care of their own country, yet they are able to walk thousands of miles? 

I think that somebody from America has been feeding them, taking care of them and wanting more Democratic voters to be allowed under very suspicious circumstances. I think that these invaders have been told that if they seek asylum from some dictator that they will walk right over the border between the U.S. and Mexico. 

Of course, Mexico has put up a Southern Border to protect them from South Americans — yet Mexico doesn’t want a wall built as then it would cause them to take on these people before they reach their destination. Mexico doesn’t want their own people back either.  

Unfortunately, we don’t want them. You might think that is heartless — the U.S. has sent millions of dollars to the countries from which these people claim they need protection from. I have said that the USA is full up. We have a certain quota of foreigners each and every year — I think that we have surpassed the next 20 years in allowing anymore into this country.

Mexico has refused to take any more. Many other countries have refused to take any more. Perhaps the leaflets dropped telling them that our borders are wide open now, but a wall will be built very soon and that our Border Patrol are soft-earthed Patsys has raised the ire of a lot of Americans. 

Audrey Jane Budzynski



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