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Letter: Merry Christmas

I guess if Mr. Chisesi wants to check out terrorists then you need to go down to our wide open southern borders. Since you’re such a great authority on terrorism, we need you down there to man the border while drug dealers continue to pour across every single day.

Crime is down in the USA. Then why are there are killings every single day in Denver, shooting by armed men someplace in the USA? Not quite sure what kind of pot you’re smoking, but you are not getting the facts straight.

I am sure you’re an Obama supporter. Apparently you didn’t hear Alan Greenspan when he warned Obama that you can’t keep spending more than the country is taking in. When the bottom dropped out of things a few years back, 22 million Americans were out of work, since then most work two and three jobs daily just to have food on the table.

Your assessment that there are more home sales have been bolstered by low interest rates. All the real estate agencies in this valley had to combine themselves or they will starve. Apparently you believe everything you read. Well, I am a traveling notary, and you are not even close to the truth.

I am voting for Trump rather than face another bunch of years with Hillary, who is going to go along with everything that Obama is doing, As for Social Security, we have not had a decent raise for a couple of years. This administration has used the money that was once a solid fund. If this country is in such great fantastic shape financially, how is it that every country that Obama and Congress could borrow from has put us in the hole for $22 trillion?

Every country, including those that hate us, are wondering where our government’s brain is.

I am not saying that any of the Republicans can do any better. But I would at least like to have the ability to wish someone a Merry Christmas without them being offended in this country. Trump will take care of that.

Congress is the only group that can make laws, although Obama considers himself king, so he has used his executive orders to bypass Congress 85 percent of the time. We need leadership, and it won’t come from someone who is already a fraud and a liar.

Jane Spaulding


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