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Letter: Midland Ave. deserves some ‘luxury’

It is quite timely that a rainstorm a few weeks ago would bring to light the fragility of the road base of South Midland Avenue. Perhaps this is a wake-up call to the residents of South Glenwood Springs, to implore City Council to spend the necessary funds to complete this project properly.

Mr. Gamba has made the analogy that upgrading South Midland Avenue is similar to buying a new family car, warning against the luxury of leather seats or a video player for the kids. However, he is not stating what those luxury items are in terms of the new road.

Does he believe that sidewalks, proper drainage, curb and gutter, rock wall mitigation, water pipes under the road, and better access to the side roads are luxury items? If that is the case, I believe that the residents of South Glenwood have different ideas of what luxury means.

The residents of South Glenwood Springs are the taxpayers and deserve to have our money spent wisely, but with the safety of the residents in mind. Anything less is short-sighted on the part of City Council. If this issue is of concern to you, please attend the next City Council meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 19, at 101 W. Eighth St., to voice your concerns.

Renee McCullough

Glenwood Springs

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