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Letter: Midland traffic woes

Against the advice of traffic planners, lots of people took Midland Avenue north from 27th Street to Eighth Street on the first day of the detour. Sometime before 4 p.m., cars and trucks were emitting lots of exhaust fumes while moving at approximately 1 mile per hour through our residential neighborhood. As of 7 p.m. the situation was unchanged. One woman has stopped at our house in need of our bathroom. Meanwhile, across the Roaring Fork, vehicles on the Grand Avenue official detour route appeared to be moving faster.

On the plus side, there are more cars with passengers in them than I expected. But most of the vehicles have only the driver as a lone occupant.

The distance on the Midland route from 27th and Highway 82 to Eighth is roughly 2 miles. Hence, drivers who took this route required around 2 hours for this small segment of their trip. I doubt that saved them any (if any) real time, and I hope that more will decide to take the (faster) official detour route in the coming days.

Nick Kelly

Glenwood Springs

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