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Letter: Migration, immigration

A judge once said, “I can’t define pornography but I know it when I see it.” I would presume to say the same of bigotry. I know it when I see it.

As a person of very mixed ancestry that ranges from northern Europe to the British Isles, Iberia (Spain), North Africa and Native American, I think that I can have an opinion relative to the subject. The letters and indeed the unwritten opinion of many people in our community would presume to lump people that came into our country as children as being here illegally.

First and foremost let me say the obvious: With a few exceptions,the United States of America does not hold juveniles to the same level of law as adults. The majority of Dreamers — i.e. DACA kids — did not knowingly commit a crime. By deporting them without due process, we are in violation of the Constitution of the United Sates.

Many people love to reference Ellis Island as a point of legal immigration. Let me point out that humans have been migrating for over 200,000 years. Spain had a colony in Santa Fe before Plymouth Rock.

Further, there were people living in North and South America prior to 1492. (What is the legality of that?) Many of these people died, due mainly due to disease introduced by European conquest and exploration (As #45 would say, “Who knew!?”). There is little doubt that the majority of Dreamers are descended, in part, from their ancestors that survived the decimation of two continents.

There is no Ellis Island on our southern border or indeed on our West Coast or border with Canada.

Lucky me, I have some family that arrived on the East Coast. While there are numerous people migrating to the United States illegally, I would point out that many are the descendants of people that were here thousands of years before Europeans. They migrated south and we created borders.

Marco Diaz


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