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Letter: Mission statement

Because it’s been in the local news lately, and because I care so deeply about this issue, I’m going to quote this from a Denver Rescue Mission mailer to me: “Behind homelessness stands a person — an image-bearer of God. And a story of how they got to this place … “

For those who think Catholic Charities is part of the problem in Glenwood Springs, I very much disagree, having worked there, serving and knowing the people there. There are strict rules and everyone helps keep Feed My Sheep clean and operable. These are awesome people I say hello to all the time.

The Denver Rescue Mission, larger but similar to Catholic Charities, also offers the homeless chaplains, counselors and work readiness supervisors to foster new habits, education, job readiness, financial management, addiction relapse prevention, spiritual development, medical services, and re-establishing relationships.

Imagine if we donated enough money to Catholic Charities to provide such things for our homeless instead of treating them like miscreants.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

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