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Letter: Mitsch Bush a true progressive

I was so pleased to see that my friend Fred Malo agreed with me on Diane Mitsch Bush’s strong stance on climate issues and would vote for her in November. He also said he felt that Diane was a mainstream Democratic candidate and we needed progressives for this job.

Plan to be educated again! This is a direct quote from PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) in an email Diane sent me this morning:

“The Denver chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA, is pleased to announce our endorsement for Diane Mitsch Bush, candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Diane is an advocate for protecting rural lands and has signed the pledge in support of the OFF Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act. She is passionate in her beliefs for universal, single-payer healthcare and has been diligent in her work ensuring that healthcare is affordable for all Coloradans. Diane also recognizes that a clean Dream Act is essential and knows that immigration reform is achievable. Denver PDA is proud to endorse Diane and appreciates that she will continue listening to her constituents and continue fighting for them. The endorsement of Diane Mitsch Bush’s candidacy is made under Progressive Vote — Colorado, the registered political committee for the Denver Chapter of PDA.”

Need I say more? Only that Diane Mitsch Bush can and will beat Scott Tipton!

Tricia Farrell

Glenwood Springs

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