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Letter: Mitsch Bush better bet

I recently saw a letter to the editor about Karl Hanlon that I would like to respond to. As we look towards November to beat Scott Tipton, let us not forget that Tipton is going to be a formidable opponent. To ensure his defeat, we must be backing a candidate that we know can win.

Karl Hanlon was appointed to his local school board and then when he ran for the position — as an incumbent, no less — he lost abysmally. Remember, this is in his local valley. Not only does Hanlon have no legislative experience, his losing record is definitely not worth the backing of Democrats in our district. We cannot support such a weak candidate to go up against Tipton.

Diane Mitsch Bush is by far the candidate most likely to beat Tipton. She has won all five elections she has run in, defeating her Republican opponents in areas where unaffiliated and Republican voters outnumber Democrats — a very impressive feat.

She champions Democratic values (winning awards like 2017 Conservation Colorado’s Legislator of the Year and earning outstanding support from women’s groups, civil rights groups, and health care organizations) while supporting more rural concerns like family farming, sustainable ranching and agriculture, trucking and transportation.

Diane has stood up to the NRA, bucked big oil and implemented some of the most effective environmental regulations, and is the tenacious public servant that will beat Scott Tipton and legislate the will of the people in our district.

Tricia Farrell

Glenwood Springs

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