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Letter: Mitsch Bush for some change

If you think the primaries and mid-term elections aren’t worth your “trouble” to vote, you’re wrong.

If, like so many of us, you have had enough, step up. Make a difference.

Scott Tipton has been Colorado’s 3rd District congressman since 2011. His job consists of supporting whatever The New Swamp Kings in DC tell him to support and collecting his check and benefits. That’s it. 

D Chump hijacked the GOP and then the country. Tipton is perfectly happy to continue aiding and abetting the ongoing tribal savagery.

If you’re ready for a change, support Diane Mitsch Bush for U.S. Congress. Diane is a practical progressive, and she knows how to win elections. With our support she can become our U.S. congresswoman and a critical player in the change that is so badly needed.

Jim Noyes


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