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Letter: Modern child sacrifice

In her Feb. 11 column, “Women who have abortions aren’t wicked,” Jane St. Croix Ireland recognizes that abortion denies a child from entering this world through the child’s physical death, but finds solace in her belief that the souls of aborted children will find “expression elsewhere.”

She relates her personal story of how her own mother, unwilling to have an abortion, gave her up for adoption. The experience of rejection and feeling unwanted has profoundly impacted both Ms. Ireland and her biological mother. No doubt. It’s a sad story echoed by many children and adults throughout time. The pain runs deep.

However, it would be unfair to not recognize that many adopted children have found loving families and their lives have impacted this world in tremendous ways. Is Ms. Ireland suggesting that the possibility of a hard life and suffering is an acceptable reason to abort? If so, moral consistency would require us to accept the murder of not only unborn children, but also children and adults living in poverty who likewise endure a life of suffering.

She further argues that many women faced with an unplanned pregnancy are forced to choose between their personal fulfillment, career and dreams or their child. This idea is a modern twist on an age-old practice. Thousands of years ago people worshipped Molech by sacrificing their children to this false god. In return, these families were assured that they would be blessed with financial prosperity for their family and future children.

Today, the names have changed but the child sacrifice continues. We have replaced Molech with “abortion clinics.” The priests and priestesses are the abortion doctors and the promises remain the same. Come, give us your child — your educational and financial future will be secure.

Ms. Ireland claims that the guilt and mourning that a mother of an aborted child faces is largely due to a “demonizing culture.” Perhaps this mother is experiencing guilt not because of the actions of others, but because she knows and yet tries to suppress the knowledge that she has killed her child.

Nicholas Villarreal
New Castle

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