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Letter: Molon labe

First, let me thank Norm Schroll for his attempt to educate Patrick Hunter, a futile attempt I’m afraid. Hunter is so far left that he is afraid to leave home because he might have to make a right turn to get back.

Let me remind everyone that the Second Amendment was included in The Bill of Rights not for our desire to go hunting or trap shooting or any of the other reasons the left would have us believe. The Second Amendment was included to protect the “People” from a tyrannical government, period.

It appears we are, again, quickly approaching that government. For that reason alone, the people should have the right to own the most modern firearms that are available. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle.” Assault is a behavior that is carried out by people who are intent on mayhem or have mental issues. The good guys aren’t the problem.

Hunter appears to be ignorant of how many thousands of “common sense” gun laws are on the books. There only needs to be one. It is illegal to murder someone. That one is disobeyed, the same as the countless others, by all who wish to commit the carnage.

Unfortunately, his side thinks that “just one more common-sense law” will make the difference. I say “his side” knowing full well that there are two distinctly opposing sides on this issue.

For the time being, my side chooses to try to remain law abiding. Although, I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to how many standard capacity gun magazines have entered Colorado or firearms purchases have been made in parking lots since these unconstitutional laws were passed in Colorado. Enough!

Stop trying to make good people helpless, it won’t make bad people harmless. We have other options that only require policy changes to protect our children.

Richard Teague


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