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Letter: Money not the answer to homelessness

In the paper’s poll it is considered the money for security guards is better spent throwing it towards the underlying causes of homelessness. I, being a community member and homeless, believe it is better spent on fixing the streets, because this is the most pressing problem facing the city by far. The few homeless that upset the table for all the rest are the kinds of problems that wouldn’t use the services money would buy.

And actually can we really get at the root causes of homelessness when what upsets people are the very things everyone else is doing in their own homes — it is just there aren’t walls behind which the homeless can express their flaws.

The root cause of homelessness is actually culture itself. The ways industrial mercantile society lives for the weekend. All the frustration and emptiness of this quite desperation (as Thoreau called it) of our current culture’s coping rituals.

What actually is the reason for the high cost of living in resort towns is also at the root of the problem-children of homelessness, if we want to be honest. A culture seeking diversion as meaning. What also gives us our BGs (behavioral genders) as opposed to the GGs (genetic genders) we presently bend over backwards to incorporate into the status quo, to give us some context.

Is it not the collateral damage of institutional leisure that we are really fighting? Will any reasonable solution actually address the causes here stated or are we just dealing with the symptoms so as to remain distant, of a better quality of party animal than those the structure has deposited on the streets.

Suffice to say the issues are issues within every segment of society, so attacking categories such as alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health issues do little when what is necessary is communication, empathy for realizing one is in fact wearing the same shoes.

Problems are actually thus solved individual by individual. Some take longer to overcome the sicknesses of our society than others. Both inside and outside those walls we call houses.

Eric Olander

currently homeless, Glenwood Springs

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