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Letter: More guns needed

Orlando mass shooting reporting is evidence of Democratic-controlled mass hysteria media. The Orlando club had 100 percent gun control. Nobody had a gun to defend themselves with.

The only person having a gun was the shooter with legally purchased weapons. How many attempted mass shootings have been stopped but not reported by the biased media? I Goggled for 5 minutes and found many mass shooting attempts since Oct. 1, 1997, that were stopped by a person in the crowd who had a legal handgun, concealed permit, mental background checks and FBI background checks. That person shot and killed the shooter before major casualties occurred.

Do we hear about these? No, because all Democrats want all our weapons, so the only one with weapons will be the criminals. Research this claim yourself and see what is being withheld from us. Guns do not kill. People kill. Qualified people in crowds with legal guns can stop the mass causalities.

Irvin Tilley

Glenwood Springs

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