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Letter: More lipstick, please

And Lo, Mitch told them to go forth and sell The Tax Plan, and behold Scott heard the word as prophesied and went forth and did place lipstick on a pig.

Dear Republican lawmakers, what is worse than your new tax plan is that you keep telling us how great it is for the working class. Just how stupid do you think we are? (Wait, don’t answer that, some of us voted for you).

Your undying belief in trickle-down economics continues to baffle me. What baffles me more is that you think that we don’t know that it has never worked! You must also think that a trillion dollars is too big for our little minds to comprehend. Do you think that the middle class doesn’t understand that when our tax cuts go off into the sunset that we will also be the ones paying for the deficit that you created even as the wealthy keep their tax cuts?

Nothing in your rhetoric even encourages us to save or invest those tax cuts or pay down our credit card debt; no, all I hear is that it is more money to “spend.” Keep the economy booming, yea! You can’t even give good financial advice.

Instead of easing estate taxes for farmers and ranchers, you make them sweeping across the board guaranteeing the creation of families of oligarchs that will only continue to accrue wealth even as the middle class remains financially stagnant and burdened by staggering national debt that will drive inflation.

These oligarchs will monopolize not just our economy but our government. Our votes will no longer count. Politicians are already beholden to their donors and not their constituents. It will only get worse.

But, by and large the dumbest thing about this tax bill is that you seem to think that this economic cycle will continue unabated, an ever expanding bubble of financial prosperity that won’t ever burst, as envisioned by an egomaniac with multiple bankruptcies.

Scott, you need a history lesson and a lot more lipstick.

Marco Diaz


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