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Letter: More pro-Trump letters, please

I don’t always get the Post Independent, but it sure would be refreshing if you printed some letters that are different than those bashing the president all the time. Reason being, Hillary lost — she didn’t get the votes she thought she would and she will never get to be president.

If you haven’t noticed that some of the Denver TV Channels have apologized for being so negative all the time. Apparently Channel 4 News was reprimanded by the people who were watching them. It was stated that in order to get any advertising to pay for some of the programming they needed to clean up their act.

I am just amazed that you continue to print everything that is negative. You print only letters that are written by people who hate Trump.

You continue to do this every single day. It’s too bad that you can’t print something regarding our valley that is good and wholesome.

Thanks for listening? OK, maybe you don’t ever listen. I don’t care that Trump didn’t win Colorado as we will soon be rid of Hickenpooper and then perhaps we can get a decent Republican governor or even an independent one. Not everyone in this state is for Hillary. Never was and never will be.

Jane Budzynski


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