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Letter: More recollections

Love to hear constructive and informative responses to letters to the editor. I was especially pleased that Carlton Hubbard, “Hub,” expanded upon Mark Burnett, the chief of police’s residence above what was then he and his dad’s abstract office. Still, the chief was often seen sitting in the police car parked at night, right on the corner in a spot that did not include a meter. In any event, thanks for the backstory, Hub.

Other incidents related in my letter that need a backstory were: water skiing at Hanging Lake and McCuen’s Cabins.

Note that Hanging Lake trailhead is just upstream from the dam. When the highway was a two-lane road, a gas station, restaurant, stable, apartment, etc., occupied the spot. This was Hanging Lake Resort, commonly called “Hanging Lake,” so, water skiing was done in the Colorado River behind the dam and observed from Hanging Lake Resort area, much to the chagrin of passing traffic, for all the spectators along the road.

McCuen’s Cabins were really McCuen’s Court, located in the block east of the courthouse on Seventh, just west of the alley. They were a stucco enclosure of a half dozen or more apartments/rooms that surrounded a common area, hence “court.” The best testament of life from this run-down establishment emanated from what passers-by could glean through the auto portal, into the courtyard on Seventh, of children rambunctiously playing … pick the hour of the day, the weather or time of year. The “richness” of this establishment was lost when it was eventually condemned and bulldozed.

Hub is a generation earlier than that of what I related. Hank Bosco is even earlier. Others may relate earlier recollections. For example, Ray Bellum (bless his soul) related specifics regarding Glenwood’s old water pipes being wood, a spotlight thrown on Iron Mountain to alert authorities of a call at night, running the projector at the old movie theater on Seventh near Juicy Lucy’s, etc.

Shared memories are cool and enlightening and give a glimpse into common, forgotten and wayside facts that form the fabric of a community.

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

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