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Letter: More voter options

Should citizens of Colorado be content with the new semi-open primary election system? Yes, if you are part of the Democratic and Republican Party establishment. No, if you are independent or third party voters and candidates. How many more years will citizens of Colorado have to vote a straight Democratic or Republican Party ballot? 

The potential for the Democratic and Republican Party primaries being rigged, especially in a presidential election year is still a danger. Although Colorado’s first semi-open primary is a step in the right direction toward election reform, it is still not democratic. 

Due to the low independent voter turn-out in this new primary election, Western Colorado Independent Voters will discuss in more detail more democratic election systems such as the “top two” primary system and the “ranked-choice” election system at their Aug. 15 meeting.

Will this discussion lead to a new ballot initiative? What is the alternative? The alternative is more years of uneven playing field for Independent and third party candidates. How long can we tolerate this unequal and undemocratic status quo? How many more years do you as a taxpayer want to keep funding the undemocratic Democratic and Republican primary elections? This in itself should be unconstitutional.

Western Colorado Independent Voters will analyze and discuss the potential for a new ballot initiative that may contain a “Top Two” non-partisan election system or a “Ranked-Choice” non-partisan election system. All registered Independent voters are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate in this discussion. The WCIV meeting will be held Wednesday, August 15, 7 p.m., at the Glenwood Springs Library.

Randy Fricke

Western Colorado Independent Voters

New Castle

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