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Letter: Most honorable McCain

I wrote this about 5 this morning not knowing that Sen. McCain would pass away only a few hours later. I wrote this as Mr. McCain was still alive, and am not changing a sentence.

Dear Sen. McCain,

You are a Republican. I am not.

Mr. McCain, know this, I find you the be the most honorable of men that have served our country. Your military service, your service as a senator who could reach across party and represent the best interests of Americans.

Senator McCain, you know as I do, that the Capitol sits on a hill and that the White House sits down by the Potomac; that your loyalty is to the American people. Thank you for speaking up for all of us.

Senator and Mr. McCain, know this, it is to my great regret that I have never shaken your hand.

I think that you have a daughter with great potential (but not with Fox News). Please encourage her to serve a country and not a company; lie to her, tell her politics is easy.

Sir, I hope that this brings to you and your family a smile.

Marco Diaz


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