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Letter: Musical support

Editor’s note: Today’s letters are from high school students.

Let’s take a moment to review how lucky and sympathetic students in music education programs in the valley really are. I am a young and developing student of Glenwood Springs High School focusing my knowledge in music. My career has a very high chance of being involved in music, and it is all thanks to one of the best contributors in the valley: Jazz Aspen Snowmass, an organization that donates thousands of dollars to music programs in schools.

Without JAS, music would be the hardest program to establish in schools, and some students wouldn’t have found their true passion. Without JAS, young musicians like me would be stranded trying to find ways to continue working on our beloved passion.

This organization must be recognized and thanked for the service provided to our schools. Thank you JAS for all of the amazing and critical assistance you have provided over the years.

Devin Kneipper
Glenwood Springs

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