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Letter: Mysteriously missing mail

My wife and I purchased and moved to our home in No Name in July 2002. For about 14 years we received reliable mail delivery service with, to our knowledge, all mail addressed to either of us delivered to our mailbox.

This changed at the beginning of July this year. My wife’s pension check from PERA, which she had received regularly and reliably for about three years, did not show up when expected. Although the following month’s check did arrive normally in early August, no checks were received in either September or October. We were able to ascertain that these had been returned to the sender as undeliverable.

Nothing about our mailbox or our names had changed to precipitate such action after more than 14 years.

The situation escalated on Wednesday, Oct. 19, when I received my election ballot in the mail, but there was no ballot for my wife. At that time I also realized that we had not received our electric bill in October, which is also in her name.

On Friday, Oct. 21, I spoke to a clerk at the Glenwood Springs Post Office who was quite helpful and had me fill out a form associating both names with the address. This has resulted in my wife’s mail being delivered to our mailbox again, but there was no plausible explanation of why her mail was ever flagged as undeliverable. I spoke to the same clerk on Monday, Oct. 24, reiterating that we wanted some explanation of this matter from the delivery person, who is apparently the cause of this issue. As of this writing, I have had no response.

In the absence of any change in names, our mail receptacle or USPS policy, there seems to be no logical explanation for why a USPS employee would take these actions, which affect our financial well-being, potentially our credit rating and offered the possibility that my wife would be disenfranchised in this election.

William K. Gray
No Name

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