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Letter: Naive pacifists

Dr. Greg Feinsinger is full of ideas on how to reduce gun fatalities. He points to Japan as a shining example to follow on our path to zero gun deaths. Oh, the blissful naivete’ of the pacifist.

While the Doc looks to Japan’s gun laws as a panacea for gun violence, I look a little closer down south to Mexico, which has even more draconian gun laws than Japan. But in Mexico, where guns are basically outlawed, all the outlaws have guns and gun killings are astronomical.

The Doc says 36,000 people die annually by guns. Consumer Reports says 440,000 deaths per year are caused by medical mistakes. Gee! That means doctors are 10 times more lethal than guns. Should we ban doctors to save lives?

Maybe doctors should clean up their own kitchens before telling the rest of us how to cook.

Me and my gun have never killed anyone, Doc, how about you? Lord protect us from the do-gooders, and bless the NRA.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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