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Letter: National Popular Vote good for Colorado

Opponents of the bill recently passed in the Colorado Legislature that commits Colorado’s Electoral votes to the winner of the National Popular Vote are circulating the myth that we will be giving away our state’s power and influence to California and the other large population states. Is this true?

The 12 most populous states are, in order of size: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia. Together these states have 281 electoral votes or 11 more than needed to elect the president.

If the large population states were to go blue, as anti-NPV opponents fear, under the current winner-take-all Electoral College these states could elect the president without the participation of any of the less populous states. So much for the theory that the current Electoral College protects the small states from the large states.

Alternatively, under an NPV, Democratic and Republican votes would be counted country-wide, with none thrown out. In the 2016 election 136.7 million people voted, so approximately 68.4 million votes would have provided a winning percentage of the popular vote (50.1%). The top 12 states contributed 40.5 million votes to Clinton and 34.6 million votes to Trump, leaving 27.9 million votes for Clinton and 33.8 million votes for Trump to be made up by the remaining 38 states to produce a winner. The National Popular Vote leaves much more power to elect the president with the smaller states, including Colorado.

Eric Douglas

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