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Letter: Need an age shift

Regarding the letter from Michael Hoban Aug. 20, I agree with every word he writes regarding unscrupulous city council. But not all are that way. We have some decent people running this city, and there is hope. The new manager is clear-headed and smart, and so are others.

I want to talk about who we could be seating on these boards and why. Recently, we had two younger gals, 40 years old, run for seats on council.

They were rejected and former councilwoman Kathryn Trauger weighed in that they needed more years sitting on boards to see how things are done. I find that a myth, and not trusting of human potential.

Pay attention and notice that since this council has no interest or awareness of recycling, how our landfill is growing exponentially with glass, plastic and paper. It’s criminal. Our future councils will be seated on a board that has to make very real decisions to deal with this town’s garbage, while the current board (not all respectfully) used the position to enhance their personal lives.

Boyan Slats is a 22-year-old who has succeeded in building a device that will clean up the ocean’s plastic trash problem. Men in their 20s put men on the moon, and designed and built the transcontinental railroads. More than a dozen men who wrote the constitution were younger than 35.

The fact is, the youth of today are fast inheriting the poorly built environment, the trash problem and the lack of inspiration that the old process of greed and shadowy boards created.

If you have young bright people in your life, encourage them to run for city council.

Thanks for your letter, Michael Hoban.

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

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