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Letter: New age of vulgarity

Congratulations to Donald Trump for winning the presidency in impressive fashion. He owes a lot of credit for his victory to the endorsements and support he received from such diverse patriotic organizations and individuals as: the KKK, FBI, KGB, NRA, hate talk radio hosts, neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, fellow draft-dodger Ted Nugent, accused rapist Julian Assange, political idiot savant Sarah Palin, convicted killer Don King, sexual predator Roger Ailes, war criminal/profiteer Dick Cheney, hypocritical evangelical “Christians,” Fox “News” watchers, cowardly establishment Republicans, low/misinformation voters and even Chachi.

I feel very fearful for our nation’s future. A new age of vulgarity and political uncertainty is about to be ushered in. Class in the White House is about to be replaced with crass in the White House.

Hear that sound? That’s the world laughing at us. And fearing us.

JM Jesse
Glenwood Springs

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