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Letter: New ANB Bank building an asset to our town

Man, we are quick to shame ANB Bank for wanting to build a new building on the land they own on Grand Avenue. I have been a customer of ANB Bank for 23 years and while I may not be their biggest depositor, they treat me as if I am one. And for that I am appreciative.

With that said, I ask everyone to remember that there are always two sides to every issue, and I have it on good authority that the bank is working closely with the current tenants and extending them very generous terms in an effort to mitigate the eventual removal and subsequent building of the new bank. And I am confident that in the end, you will see that viable business will find new homes and continue to flourish. I ask that you also consider that ANB Bank, being Colorado owned, is very philanthropic in their involvement in our community.

I understand that as Glenwood continues to grow and things are not quite as they once were it is upsetting to some, but it is inevitable my friends. Nothing stays the same, but that doesn’t mean that as things change it is somehow meant to be the demise of our wonderful little town. I’ve raised my family in Glenwood and I too am sad to see some things change, but I also believe that when one door closes another one opens and then it’s up to us to peek inside and explore the new horizon.

The new bank will have more parking, more space on it’s second floor for new or existing businesses to operate out of, and let’s not forget that the bank is also an employer that pays a living wage. I encourage everyone to take a step back and look at the totality of the issue at hand. Maybe even go to the bank as I know they would be most receptive to talk to anyone that has questions or concerns.

If ANB Bank builds as beautiful a building on Grand Avenue as they currently have, then I see it as an asset to our great town and I for one will not be closing any of my accounts.

Michael Bodrogi,
Glenwood Springs

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