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Letter: New councilors doing their job

I would like to thank the three new council members, Paula, Charlie and Tony. 

All three councilors are still out there making a living and willing to work the overtime that being a council member takes. 

All three are a vast improvement to transparency, trust and integrity. 

All three, I know, have had finger wagging they don’t deserve and have taken it in stride. 

All three are doing their utmost to study the issues and pick up the ball.

It’s a crazy time on the planet, and working together is so important now. Thanks guys, I appreciate you all. 

As for Terry Wilson. I’ve worked with men all my life. I have not met a man yet who wants a woman to defend his pride. It’s their turn now, Kathyrn Trauger. 

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

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