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Letter: New RFTA tax will help ‘balance the books’

RFTA’s stable income sources are sales tax and fares which provide enough revenue to keep the system running, but do not provide funding for capital expenditures. The fleet has the new CNG-fueled buses but also many older buses that are nearing the end of their useful life. As they are retired, RFTA services will shrink unless replacement equipment can be purchased. The resulting reduction in service, combined with population growth, would create traffic jams as bad as the bridge project, if not worse. That is the major reason for Glenwood to support the property tax that RFTA is proposing. It will be used to fund the necessary infrastructure improvements that will help to mitigate our city’s traffic congestion problem.

There has long been a belief in Glenwood that RFTA benefits the upper valley communities to the detriment of our local businesses. I believe that is true to some extent. They pay a higher wage than our economy will support and can transport their workers without paying their fair share of the costs. This causes our employers difficulty in competing for employees. This proposal will help to “balance the books” since 80 percent will be paid by the home and business owners in the upper valley. That is why I am asking Glenwood to vote yes on 7A.

Ted and Ruth Edmonds

Glenwood Springs

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