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Letter: New trail hazard

On a beautiful fall day my friend and I chose to hike our favorite in town trail, the Jeanne Golay Trail on Red Mountain. We were also excited to see where the new mountain bike trails were.

The hiking trail snakes around the side of the mountain allowing for great views of our town and the upper valley. As we ascended the trail it became apparent that the biking trail not only intersected the hiking one but they had become one and the same.

At this point we were somewhat concerned but continued on enjoying being outside. Suddenly, a rider sped around a bend which startled all of us. Shortly thereafter we encountered another rider.

I supported the idea of building a mountain bike system on city-owned property, thinking it would start in South Canyon or west of the city road. Never did I imagine it would be on top of the one hiking trails located on the west side of town, the only one accessible in winter, a popular sledding hill and where parking is so limited.

City of Glenwood, City Council, Great Outdoors volunteers, this bike trail has come at the expense of non-bike users. Experience has shown that mixing bikes and people does not work out well. Our approach to being fit and enjoying the outdoors are not accomplished in the same environment.

This bad situation could possibly be mitigated by designating the “old” trail or a modified version of it as “hikers only.” And no, the road doesn’t replicate the hiking experience. Or — how about a new hiking trail?

Renee Miller

Glenwood Springs


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